About us

The UAB “MODOPAK“ is the company with many years of experience (it has performed its activities for over 10 years) in the market of corrugated cardboard. The main business activity of the company is the production of various sizes corrugated cardboard boxes and the trade of corrugated cardboard sheets. The major purpose of the company is to perform timely and high quality orders meeting the individual needs of customers as well as requirements raised to products. We have considered the packing every customer’s products, we may offer the corrugated cardboard of various thicknesses and resistance, and professionals employed with the company will always offer the most optimal solution, how to pack more conveniently and faster your products. The company is flexible in respect of its customers, therefore high quality products and short time of order performance are the measure of successful cooperation. The UAB “MODOPAK“ has supported Žagarė Cherry Festival for long years. The successfully growing UAB “MODOPAK“ in 2015 became the winner of “Gazelė 2015“ (Gazelle 2015).